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Are You Interested in Working with Our Firm?

One of the aspects of our PREA facility audit business model is to utilize highly qualified and experienced Department of Justice certified auditors as independent contractors.  What we try to do is match a highly qualified and experienced PREA certified auditor in a particular geographic area with the facility to be audited in that same geographic area. 

If you are a qualified and experienced PREA certified auditor, think about this example.  If Integrity Consulting, Auditing and Training LLC has a PREA auditor located in, say, New York and a facility to be audited located in, say, California, the travel and transportation expense component is going to be much higher than if we had a PREA auditor located nearer the facility in California.  If we can reduce that travel expense component, we can save the facility money and at the same time pay a higher fee to you, our independent contractor.


Another part of the equation has to do with the willingness or availability of a geographically suitable auditor to actually conduct all of the audits contained in an awarded contract.  We realize that many highly qualified and experienced certified PREA auditors cannot do – or do not want to do -- all of the audits for all of the individual facilities in an awarded contract.  By working with our firm, however, you can select those particular facility audits that you actually want to do and we will use another PREA auditor to perform the audits that you are not interested in doing.

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Insurance Consultants and Other Professionals


If you are an insurance professional, you already know that insurance is regulated on a state-by-state basis and that the laws, the interpretations of coverages, the status of an approved insurance company and many other insurance related details can vary dramatically.  An actual example of this was a recent engagement that had a business located in Pennsylvania, a watercraft registered in Florida and a questionable loss that occurred in South Carolina.  Three different consultants were needed to meet the needs of the client.

If you are interested in finding out more about opportunities to work together –

as a PREA Auditor or as an insurance and risk management consultant –

let’s talk.


Send me an email with your contact information and I will personally respond to you.

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