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Our New Structure Better Meets Your Needs


What we have done is moved to a decentralized business model.  We have incorporated our predecessor companies and operations into our new company:  Integrity Consulting, Auditing and Training, LLC.  With this change, our experienced, licensed or accredited consultants, auditors and experts can work as independent contractors and, if they choose, can work the hours they want to work, get management direction and support using the latest technology, and work from their home office, which in many cases may be closer and more accessible to our clients.


How This Benefits You as a Client


Our new flexibility mean that we can respond to our clients’ needs quickly and professionally and at a reduced cost.  Our new efficiencies and reductions in our fixed costs allow us to pay our independent contractors more, which is an inducement for the most qualified and efficient professionals.  At the same time, we can reduce our fees to the client. 

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