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My Senior Management Experience

A major part of my professional experience has been in the commercial insurance industry.  During my forty-plus years, I have been a commercial insurance underwriter, an agent and broker, a quantitative business analyst, a consultant and a business owner.  I have been fortunate to be successful in all of these related areas.

Man with Suit

As I rose through the ranks in the corporate world from vice president, to senior vice president, to president, and to Chief Executive Officer of national and multinational firms, one skill set has always helped:  my ability to successfully manage people.  As I transitioned away from the specificity of the insurance industry to general business management, my ability to collaborate and communicate with clients, co-workers and consultants has in most cases been successful for all parties.


My approachability and open-mindedness have led to the success of employees, mentees, and to the successful completion of many joint projects.  I have found that when a manager listens, accepts input, acts decisively and quickly, and does not micro-manage, a good outcome for all parties is the usual result. 


Perhaps the most important quality of a senior manager is ethics.  Ethical leadership is fundamental for a company to maintain its reputation.  A leader with strong ethics can help companies successfully navigate challenges.   A leader with strong ethics who expects ethical behavior can establish an honest and open company culture that potential employees want to join and that clients and the public can trust. 


I know that there are managers in this industry who do not share my commitment to ethics.  I have seen examples of some of those bad managers who mistreat, mislead and micromanage their employees and independent contractors.  I have seen independent contractor agreements that are so restrictive, filled with legalese, and one sided that employees, consultants and clients are negatively impacted.  I do not operate that way.


When I was first starting out in business, my first boss told me that if I always acted ethically and treated everyone with “the utmost good faith” that I would be a successful manager throughout my career.  I have tried to always live up to her expectations and heed her advice.


I have no doubt that my senior management experience and the formation of Integrity Consulting, Auditing and Training to serve the needs of our clients, will be successful and beneficial for our clients, consultants and independent contractors. 


If you have any questions on how my senior management experience can benefit you as a client or as an independent consultant, please let me know.  Thank you for taking the time to read this information.   

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