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From Change Comes Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all businesses. Much of the impact can be viewed as negative but one positive is that it has given us an opportunity to rethink, reinvent and restructure the way we do business. We think our new structure will provide you with the best service, in the quickest possible time, at the lowest possible price.

Here’s Why and How


In the past, many businesses had a central location where a typical employee would work standard hours, come to work in the morning, have face-to-face meetings with management and staff, receive assignments, work on those tasks in the office space provided using the on-site office equipment, and then head home in the afternoon. If business travel to visit a client was required, the employee would travel from the office to the client’s location, which, if the client was some distance away could involve significant travel time from the central office location to the client’s location and back to the office again.

Prior to unexpected pandemic restrictions, many businesses were unfamiliar with online collaboration, ZOOM meetings, cloud data storage, and hybrid work structures. When it occurred to us that these changes were not a hindrance but were actually a new way to be quicker, better, faster and more responsive to our clients’ needs, we changed the way we do business.

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