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Commercial Insurance Consulting
& Expert Witness Services

Every commercial insurance consulting assignment and every expert witness engagement is unique and requires an analysis of information, a formulation of a course of action, and an agreement among all parties on the best way to proceed.  If some specialized knowledge or skill set is needed for a specific situation, our business model allows us to quickly identify, and if needed, retain the best consultant or best expert to meet those specific needs.      


The purpose of this page is to provide a general overview of the commercial insurance consulting and expert witness services available through Integrity Consulting, Auditing and Training, LLC.

Commercial Insurance Consulting


As an insurance and risk management consultant, our experience, expertise and knowledge can do three things for you:


  • Reduce the overall cost of your insurance program

  • Increase the coverages provided by the insurance policies that you have purchased

  • Improve the service that you receive from your agent, broker, insurance company and other service providers.


As an insurance and risk management consultant, we can help you with the selection of an agent or broker, oversee all insurance marketing, perform individual or full claims review, design an effective insurance program, design safety, loss control, claims management and risk control programs, and can do a complete analysis and evaluation of alternatives.  It is our strong belief that this can be accomplished in a non-adversarial manner and that ANY insurance program can be improved.

Expert Witness



I have worked with attorneys perhaps three dozen times in providing litigation support services. In the majority of these cases, my opinion and expertise has resulted in a favorable settlement without the expense of a trial. I have actually testified in court about six times and have been deposed approximately fifteen times. I am self-assured, knowledgeable and articulate, professional appearing, and I relate well with juries, judges and arbitrators. Lawyers that I have worked with have advised me that I am one of the best insurance experts that they have ever used.

Please contact me for specific information about the cases I have helped with or for a list of attorney references or for a copy of my curriculum vitae.

It is our philosophy that you are the customer and that it is our

job to always provide the highest level of customer service to you.

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